SANCHEZ perfume

This fragrance is blended with warm and sweet notes of fruity and floral scents, creating an image of energy and beauty.The initial scent of this fragrance begins with sweet notes and blossoms of orange, blackcurrant, and apple, evoking a sense of delicacy and femininity. Then, with the addition of woody notes such as sandalwood and oud, the fragrance gains depth and stability.Finally, vanilla and amber notes are added to the scent, imparting a pleasant sensation to this fragrance.
€ 92


This fragrance is an exquisite blend of warm and sweet notes, masterfully combining fruity and floral scents to create an image of energy and beauty. The initial scent opens with a delightful burst of sweetness and freshness, featuring the blossoms of orange, blackcurrant, and apple. These top notes evoke a sense of delicacy and femininity, immediately captivating the senses with their vibrant and juicy aroma.

As the fragrance evolves, the heart reveals itself with the addition of luxurious woody notes such as sandalwood and oud. These middle notes add depth and stability to the scent, creating a rich and sophisticated character that balances the initial sweetness. The sandalwood brings a creamy, smooth undertone, while the oud introduces a touch of exotic allure, enhancing the fragrance’s complexity and longevity.

In the final stages, the base notes of vanilla and amber emerge, enveloping the wearer in a warm, comforting embrace. The vanilla imparts a sweet, creamy texture, while the amber adds a resinous, slightly powdery finish. Together, they create a harmonious blend that lingers on the skin, leaving a lasting impression of elegance and warmth. This fragrance is a perfect embodiment of both energy and beauty, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate a multifaceted and enduring scent.